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The versatility of plastic pipe systems has made it a preferred choice for a wide range of applications for hot and cold water, energy, gas, conduit, sewerage and other industrial applications. The economic and environmental advantages of using the plastic pipes and fittings include resistance to corrosion and prevention of metal contamination thus ensuring hygienic and clean delivery, increased flexibility, durable, tough and light-weight material, leak-free joint fusion, easy installation, rehabilitation and greater life expectancy amongst others. Plastic pipes and fittings are the ideal products to suit the applications of today’s domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Foreseeing this escalating demand of plastic pipes and fittings products, Bahrain Pipes B.S.C. (c) was established at Haji Hassan Industrial Complex, Salmabad, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Krah Pipes

Bahrain Pipes employs the technology of Krah AG, a symbol of German efficiency with over 35 years...

HDPE pipes

Water is of vital importance: Without water no life would exist and our planet would be a huge...

uPVC Pipes

An imperative evolution in the world of plastic pipe engineering has given us unplasticised PVC...

CPVC Pipes

When it comes to plumbing systems for hot & cold applications, UltraTuff has set a pristine standard...

Polyethylene Pipes

HDPE & MDPE pressure pipes, which range from 20mm outside diameter to 500mm in Metric sizes...

Flex Pipes

FLEXPIPE is another innovative product of Bahrain Pipes Factory for polybutene-1 hot & cold plumbing...

Fitting Standards

The integrity of pipe fittings and flanges in the piping system depends on various principles used in design...

Fabricated uPVC Long Radius

Fabrications uPVC Long Radius Bends, both Rubber Ring as well as Solvent Cement Joint are offered...

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