Krah Pipes

Bahrain Pipes employs the technology of Krah AG, a symbol of German efficiency with over 35 years of experience in the design, development and construction of production plants for large diameter pipes. Equipped with the most advanced technical know-how to build machines that produce pipes and fittings of a range of size and stiffness as well as the profiles mentioned on the following pages, Bahrain Pipes exemplifies the knowledge and skills that has made Krah one of the most trusted name on the global stage.

Bahrain Pipes is part of the Haji Hassan Group W.L.L., a conglomerate, providing heavy duty construction and engineering services in Bahrain.

Bahrain Pipes employs the same extrusion process, where a profile is wound around a collapsible steel mandrel. The profile can be solid wall or structured wall. Besides the extensive pipe range, the main features of the machine are high production output, simple operation and short change-over times. Thanks to its very close cooperation and a steady information flow with its customers world-wide, Krah has always been up-to-date regarding upcoming demands and changes in the pipes industry. This proactive approach gives it the ability to develop necessary modifications to its machines in order to respond to the changing needs of its customers.

One of the greatest advantage of Krah Pipes is its longevity. Manufactured with material of the highest quality, they offer high efficiency, simple operations, short changeover times & incredible handling strength from DN/ID 300 mm to 4000 mm. What’s more, all Krah systems conform to the highest international standards, need minimal maintenance, corrosion-free and extremely durable even at temperatures from -40° to 80° C. These features give Bahrain Pipes the edge over its rivals by possessing the flexibility of manufacturing for any project requirement. Due to significant improvements in the production flow and pipe processing, the output of the whole machine can be increased considerably. As a result of partially or fully automated production steps, mistakes and delays caused by manual work can be eliminated. New features, like a gravimetric dosing system, an innovative control equipment, as well as an automated labeling machine for the finished pipe complete the entire set up.

The layout surface and the quality of the main machine (extrusion unit) have since been optimized. To increase mobility, all parts of the production line can be mounted and dismounted in a very short time. This advantage allows a quick plant installation near the project site, which provides pipe production on the spot in order to reduce the transportation costs, as especially for large pipes.


Trust Bahrain Pipes to deliver quality and efficiency to enable you to make the most of. Welcome aboard!