Polyethylene Pipes


HDPE & MDPE – Pipes for Water & Gas

High Density Polyethylene (PE100) & Medium Density Polyethylene (PE80)

Bahrain Pipes Factory manufactures HDPE & MDPE pressure pipes, which range from 20mm outside diameter to 500mm in Metric sizes. Approved worldwide, PE100 & PE80 are high quality materials with superior physical properties mainly designed for the supply & transportation of water, gas and hazardous fluids.

LDPE is widely used in drip irrigation systems and generally polyethylene pipes are water resistant and their non-interaction feature with chemicals makes it ideal for usage for water and chemical applications. The pipes are produced especially in black colour to provide high protection against degradation due to UV radiation. It is non-toxic and odourless.

PE pipes which are up to OD 32mm are available in coils of 1000m and PE pipes ranging from OD 40mm up to 50mm are available in coils of 500m. Even larger diameters from 100 to 180mm can be coiled to minimum 100m and above 180mm diameters are supplied in straight length of 12mtrs and 11.6mtrs. Different lengths can be supplied as per requirement; longer lengths are supplied on steel bobbins on request.

Polyethylene pipe material contains well dispersed fine particle size carbon black, choice polymer and stabilisers ensuring excellent weather resistance including UV radiation and long term stability and lifetime expectancy of more than 50 years.

Polyethylene material shows excellent resistance to rapid crack propagation and slow crack growth both being benefits for pressure pipes. PE100 & PE80 pipes are flexible and offer greater mechanical resistance when compared to other pipes.

The most important property of PE pipes is it’s resistance to hydrostatic pressure. It defines the life expectancy of a pipe under internal pressure. The stress resulting in a fracture in PE plastic pipes depends on the test time and temperature.