uPVC Pipes

An imperative evolution in the world of plastic pipe engineering has given us unplasticised PVC (UPVC).The unparalleled value and pipeline installation reliability of this product can be varied by miniature altering agents who have definite and controlled mechanical properties. They are light, rigid and fabrication friendly for close dimensional tolerance. By using heavy special machinery and extremely precise process control of direct extrusion, these materials can be converted into thermoplastic pipes. The major properties of uPVC are resistance towards corrosion caused by acid, alkalis, oils, salts, moisture and the media in the interior of the pipe.

It is very reliable for resistance to the severe climatic and soil conditions in the Middle East and the pipes are incredibly light and easy to install with a complete range of fittings / joints which are leak proof.

Incase of fire, flames are unable to travel along the pipe because of its self extinguishing feature. Being an integral insulator uPVC are also ideal for electric conduits eliminating the possibility of electrolytic corrosion. They are an ideal application for water supplies, irrigation systems, casing & screen, industrial, soil, waste & drainage sewer system, mining, electrical and telecommunications cables.

1. uPVC PIPES for Non Pressure application

2. UPVC PIPES for Pressure application